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Complete Painting Services in Laval QC

KD Painting is a leading company where excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s our standard. Imagine entering a room transformed by a brush stroke, where every corner radiates vitality and color. We promise to infuse your space with life, from the first greeting to the final, perfect touch. By providing complete painting services in Laval QC, we’re making environments that speak to you, resonate with your lifestyle, and wrap you in comfort and beauty.

With a palette of skills that spans preparing, painting, and finishing, we ensure that tired walls are reawakened with vibrancy and flair. Choosing KD Painting promptly invites fresh, dynamic energy into your home or office.

At the core of our painting services beats the heart of a passionate team, artists in their own right, dedicated to blending affordability with promptness without compromising quality. We’re all about delivering a bespoke painting experience designed to align with your taste and the uniqueness of your space. Join us on a journey where colors come alive, transforming your environment into a canvas that reflects your dreams and desires.


We’re the topmost choice for high-quality painting among the residents.

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Our Painting Services


Home Remodeling

Starting a project to improve your home is thrilling but can also bring challenges...


Home Painting

KD Painting is all about breathing new life into your home with beautiful colors and perfect...


Cabinet Painting

KD Painting provides professional cabinet painting services in Laval, QC, so that you may update...


Power Washing

We clean your home’s exterior with a strong water spray, instantly making it look cleaner and brighter.


Decks Painting

Our painting service adds bright, durable colors to your deck, enhancing its look and...

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Credible Painting Services

We have successfully delivered our services by executing several paint jobs, regardless of the complexity. We aim to provide you with the best services with a strong focus on transparent communication and building solid and lasting relationships.



Our Mission

To transform every space into a masterpiece of color and life. We promise swift, stunning makeovers that bring joy and vibrancy to your world.

Our Vision

We reimagine a community where every home reflects the unique style of its inhabitants. We strive to be the bridge that turns those dreams into vibrant realities.

Our Values

Built on trust, quality, and creativity, we cherish every project. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that you are satisfied.

Project duration varies based on room size, preparation work needed, and paint drying times. We provide a clear timeline upfront, striving for minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Not necessarily. Our team works flexibly around your schedule and needs, using low-odor, quick-dry paints to ensure comfort and convenience, even if you’re home.

We suggest removing fragile items and clearing the work area. However, we handle all heavy lifting and protect your belongings and surfaces before we begin painting.

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